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The Salton Sea North Lake Pilot Demonstration Project

The Salton Sea North Lake Pilot Demonstration Project (Demonstration Project) is being funded through Proposition 68. This is a $19.25 million demonstration pilot project for the construction at the north end of the Salton Sea consisting of approximately 156 acres of shallow and deep-water habitat for fish and birds which provides an opportunity to stimulate the local economy and recreational activities.


Four locations were evaluated as part of the Project Analysis. Each location option was developed in conjunction with Riverside County and the Salton Sea Authority. Project locations were selected based upon various opportunities and constraints.

  • Approximately 156 acres
  • 8 parcels
  • Access from the North Shore Yacht Club
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Approximately 1,900-2,650 acre-ft. of water per year
  • Water supply consist of well, canal, and drain water
  • 10-15 ft. of sea wall
  • Copy of the Location Analysis Report


  • Salton Sea Management Program
    • California Natural Resource Agency
    • California Department of Water Resources - GRANTOR
    • California Fish & Wildlife
  • Salton Sea Authority - GRANTEE
  • County of Riverside - IMPLEMENTING AGENCY


The partner agencies are prepared to create a structured, accessible, and meaningful process to communicate effectively with the impacted unincorporated communities and cities near the Salton Sea as well as Tribal governments and other parties interested in the Project. Below is a list of outreach meetings.

Salton Sea Community Update (English)

Salton Sea Community Update (Spanish)


Both agreements provide a framework for the partner agencies to clearly define responsibilities in implementing the Work Plan, including tasks, budgets, schedules, deliverables, and reimbursement procedures for the project.

  1. Department of Water Resources & Salton Sea Authority Agreement
  2. Salton Sea Authority & Riverside County Reimbursement Agreement


If you have any questions or comments regarding the Demonstration project. Please contact Douglas Ordonez Jr at [email protected].

Conceptual Renderings


Salton Sea North Lake Project Render 02


Salton Sea North Lake Project