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The County Executive Office's mission is to support and implement board policies and priorities, provide organizational direction and leadership, and foster efficient and effective management of the county workforce and activities.

The Executive Office performs and ensures:

  • Strategic planning
  • Accountability to achieve excellence in public service
  • Vital relationship-building and partnerships with residents and community leaders
  • Development of an annual budget
  • Execution of all resolutions and orders of our Board of Supervisors

Budget and Financial Information

Open budget documents to read about Riverside County’s current fiscal year funds. Learn how taxpayers’ funds are spent and invested to improve the health, safety and welfare our communities.

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Budget Archive

View archived budget documents, including the proposed and adopted budget, from prior fiscal years.

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Community Facilities

Community Facilities Districts are special districts established by local governments in California as a means to obtain more public funding. Find out how Riverside County uses these financing districts to pay for public works and select public services.

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Grand Jury

California law provides for the use of grand juries in each county. This page includes reports from the civil grand jury in Riverside County, which has an oversight function into the operations of county and municipal governments. The civil grand jury is distinct from criminal grand juries, which can be used to consider evidence and bring indictments in criminal investigations.

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Investor Relations

View information on current and upcoming Riverside County bond issuances and details about county bonds purchased by investors.

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